Jimmy Porter's
1933 Chevy Coupe Show Car

For the past two and a half years, Jimmy Porter has been artistically and painstakingly

rebuilding his 1933 Chevy Coupe Hot Rod Show Car.  It doesn't hurt that he owns a very

successful metal stamping facility in West Tennessee.  His idea of precision and our idea

of precision are likely not the same.  That was very evident in our photo shoot.  We wanted

to build a pond to rest the car above for the reflection.  As creatives, we stood around

arguing about how it could be done.  Jimmy had it figured out in about ten minutes or less. 

After watching us argue about it, he stepped in and within an hour we had the car on the

pond.  You can see the images in the photo gallery. 

Why tell you this story?  Because his idea of precision can only be measured by a

CNC machine.  The naked eye just won't cut it.  And so it is with every detail of this

beautiful show car.  From the complete lack of visible wired in the engine compartment,

the the inset bow tie on the hood, Jimmy directed every step of this restoration with complete

precision.  You've got to see it in person to appreciate the attention to detail.  And if our instincts

are correct, you'll probably get that opportunity at the next big car show or on the next hot rod

television episode or in the next issue of your favorite hot rod magazine...

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